Type 2A-2C: Wavy Hair

Type 2A to 2C hair is a curl pattern that will often have multiple textures running throughout. This texture is not quite straight and not completely curly, and can be characterized by both curls that resemble broad, loose loops and thick S-shaped waves. This texture is usually flatter at the root and lays close to the head, getting curlier from the ears down.


Your waves are fine and thin with a loose, tousled texture.

Quick Tips:

Due to the lack of volume and definition in your hair, products can easily weigh your curls down and your strands can become straight. Because of this, utilize lighter styling products like mousses or gels to bring out your definition.

Wash every two to three days to ensure your hair is not being dried out, and utilize spray leave-in conditioners in between washing to give you extra boosts of moisture.

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Your hair is mostly straight at the roots and falls into more defined S-shaped waves from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Quick Tips:

Due to the way that your hair falls, utilize styling products in heavier concentrations towards the ends of your hair to bring out that definition without weighing down the straighter portions near the root.

Diffuse with your hair upside down to encourage and increase volume.

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Your waves are more defined and start at the roots, than with curls and ringlets. This texture is typically thick or coarse, and is prone to frizzing.

Quick Tips:

You have a more prominent curl and ringlet pattern, so don't be afraid to utilize slightly thicker curl defining products that will really bring out the definition in your hair.

Because your texture is more prone to frizzing, make sure to utilize gels or mousses to help control it in humid climates.

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Okay... now that we know what our hair type is...

How Does This Help Us Buy Our Products?

Best Product Types

For Type 2 hair, utilize products that are lighter in consistency like gels and mousses to fight against frizz and weighing down the hair.

In excess humidity, utilize products with anti-humectant ingredients.

shea butter
castor oil
avocado oil
coconut oil

Utilize product with oils that are lighter in
consistency and nature.

almond oil
jojoba oil
peppermint oil
grapeseed oil

Utilize light spray leave-in conditioners/curl refreshers and lighter oils to apply on the hair in between wash day.

Mielle Organics Curl Refresher Spray
Up North Naturals Freshen Up Hair Mist
The Mane Choice Restorative Spray

Best Hair Care Practices

Implement these practices in your hair care regimen to get best curl and moisture results with your application of products.

Utilize the LOC Method:

After applying your rinse our shampoo and conditioner, rake your leave-in conditioner through your strands ensuring each one is covered.
Follow up with your very light oil or butter based sealant to lock the moisture inside.
Apply your styling/curl defining gel or mousse to your curls, ensuring each strand is covered.

Scrunch your hair upside down after LOC products have been applied.

Utilize a diffuser on medium air to scrunch the hair while drying, or scrunch for a while before leaving it to air dry.
Scrunching upside down will increase volume

Don't wash your hair too often & deep condition often.

The amount of time in between washes for Type 2 hair can depend on your lifestyle behaviours and styilng habits.
Generally, ensure you are waiting 2 to 3 days before you wash your hair. If you actively workout, utilize a high level of product or incur a high level of natural oils, try utilizing co-washes every other wash to give your hair that cleansing without stripping the hair of too much moisture.
Deep conditioning gives your hair access to moisture that will help it to increase it's moisture retention over time. Deep condition every two weeks with any of our deep conditioning or mask products. 

A New Guide to Buying

The right product, the first time.

Keeping which ingredients, regimens and products work best for your hair texture in mind while you are shopping is crucial in making the right buying decision, as you are able to determine the best possible option for yourself.


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