We are a curly hair product and wig in-store and online boutique located in Cambridge, ON. Canada. With a specialization in healthy, high-quality and affordable curly hair products, wigs, extensions and accessories we make sure that our clients finish their time with us feeling satisfied, valued and important.

Not near our boutique? No problem! Purchase your products online as we ship throughout both Canada and the US. Our atmosphere is one of relaxation, conversation and experience. We've carefully chosen the products that we offer to ensure they work for you the first time.


We offer high quality haircare products that serve wavy, curly and afro-textured hair types. 

If you're a curly girl, we know you know how difficult it is to find products that work well for your hair, and our entire purpose here at Beauty Club Outlet is rooted in helping you do that. We also believe in encouraging you to embrace and love the beautiful tresses you have, and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

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We offer high quality wigs and hairpieces to help our clients in their hair journey, 

Our private wig fitting space allows for our clients to have an intimate, personal and upscale experience when finding the piece that's perfect for them. 


Naomi Adams
Owner & President  

Hello Beauty!

My name is Naomi and I'm so grateful that you have come to visit us at Beauty Club Outlet. I began this journey with a desire to help people within our community gain access to products that they needed to take care of their hair. As we grew, this desire turned into a passion for helping people with wavy, curly and afro-textured hair love, embrace and maintain the beautiful hair that we were blessed with, and this became the focus of everything we did and continue to do at Beauty Club Outlet. 

Growing up, I struggled with my self identity when it related to my hair, as many of us have. There was nowhere to go and no one for me to turn to when it came to figuring out what it was my hair needed, as well as how to navigate the societal pressures of having curly hair in a world that definitely did not celebrate it. Within our doors, I am dedicated to ensuring that no one will ever feel unwanted, unloved, or neglected when searching for answers regarding their hair and the products they need to take care of it. Through a commitment to high quality, honest and friendly customer service, excellent haircare products and great deals, we strive to offer our customers a shopping experience that we are often deprived of within our curly community. We will always be working towards doing our part in creating a world that uplifts, appreciates and equally serves people with wavy, curly and afro-textured hair, and I am so thankful that you have helped us to do that. 

As we grew within our local community, we also were confronted with the lack of access that folks had to wigs and hairpieces that aid them in their hair loss journeys. We decided to invest in filling this gap and now offer a wig showroom of over 80 pieces that include private consultations and fairly priced pieces that serve a wide range of textures, colours, styles and hair types. If you are looking for a wig or hairpiece, we will make sure to walk alongside you to help you find the piece that represents you the best. 

If you are a part of the BCO family, I want to thank you for the support, patience, understanding and resources you have given to us that aid us in everything from literally being able to simply exist to investing in our communities. If you haven't yet had a chance to experience us, I want to thank you for taking the time to come and learn a little bit more about myself, who we are and what we strive to accomplish in our company. I hope we can aid you in your curly hair journey one step at a time.

With kindness and love,