How to Love Your Curly and Afro-Textured Hair

How to Love Your Curly and Afro-Textured Hair

Self-love is a term that we have come to know very well in our world of social media, but it can definitely be much easier to say than to do. We hope that these tips below can help you take practical steps to increase the love that you have for your natural hair every day.


1. Identify and express what your curly hair means to you:

Your hair is beautiful and unique, and it's what makes you perfectly you. Although there's a million Youtubers we can look to that seem to have the "perfect" curl pattern, we want to encourage you to look to your own strands and fall in love with the way that they fall, lay and stand. Begin your day by affirming the beauty and uniqueness of your curly hair and fight against the silent voice looking back at you in the mirror that is telling you that it is not beautiful. Society does not get to dictate whether your beauty exists, and no one can take the beauty of your hair away from you.


2. Practice self-care:

By prioritizing and engaging with your curly hair care routine, you're actually practicing self-love by investing in the health and well-being of your hair. Your hair is worthy of care and gentleness, and showing it those things will help you to appreciate and embrace it.


3. Be gentle:

Curly hair, especially type #4 hair is extremely delicate, and it's more susceptible to breakage and damage. As you're cleansing and manipulating your curly tresses, take time to be gentle with your strands by twisting or rolling them into a loose bun or braid before leaving the shower or before bed for extra protection. When detangling, make sure to use detangling tools like the EZ Detangler Brush that do not contribute to the over-pulling of your strands, but rather help to gently pull your strands apart without causing extra tensions.


4. Use positive language:

As someone with curly hair, we know that there are many different types of insults and underhanded comments we receive about our hair, and we know that these can be painful to hear. Make an effort to use positive language when describing your natural hair, or the natural hair of others around you, especially when it comes to speaking with children. Showing respect and admiration for your hair uplifts it within your mind, and helps others to feel confident about theirs as well.


5. Embrace your hair as manageable:

Curly or kinky curly hair is often deemed as “difficult”, "brittle", and "hard" due to its texture requiring moisture levels that many products available cannot provide. This is the farthest thing from the truth, and curly and afro-textured hair is manageable with the right products, tools and techniques. Find support systems like our consultations or product suggestion forms on our website that will help you find the products that you'll need to see the truly beautiful potential of your hair.


We know that loving all aspects of yourself is hard enough, without all of the added pressure that society throws at us regarding our natural hair. Your hair is beautiful, strong, resilient and worthy, just like you.


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